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Most people, when they think of their idyllic backyard, picture a big, shady tree taking centre stage, with kids playing in swings, or climbing its branches. They picture themselves lazing underneath in its shade, as the nice cool sea breeze rustles its leaves.

However, the reality can be quite different. Perhaps its branches grow too large, or in unexpected directions, so that it starts impacting on your property, becoming a safety hazard during the kind of summer storms the Sunshine Coast are renowned for.

It could become sick and diseased and lose its visual appeal, making your otherwise beautiful backyard a place you want to avoid.

Simply trimming it, might be the right answer. But what should you trim? How do your return your overgrown tree to its original beauty?

And perhaps trimming it isn’t enough? Maybe you really need to cut it back? But this is also fraught with danger as to just how far back should you cut it? Which branches need to go?

Simply hacking at it, though, is never the right answer.

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tree removal Sunshine Coast

And what about removing a tree altogether? When is that the right option? And how would you possibly go about doing that?

These questions are precisely why you should call skilled professionals like our contractors at SC Tree Removal. 

Because professionals know all the right ways to deal with your back yard problems.

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Removing, lopping or trimming trees isn’t an easy job. It is not just simply hacking at a branch and hoping you get it right. Cutting or trimming a branch can have ripple effects as to the future direction of the growth of that branch. You could wound a tree, inhibiting its future re-growth, or cause it to grow in directions you never expected.  You could even kill it, if it does not have the energy to recover from the cuts.

And removing trees in their entirety is a very large and dangerous job, and not one you should consider.

Such jobs should only be undertaken by professional tree care contractors, experts who have been expertly trained and are very highly skilled and qualified in all aspects of trimming, lopping and removal. 

At SC Tree Removal, we love seeing trees standing strong and proud, and we love seeing people enjoying their trees. But we know that there are times when measures need to be made. A diseased tree needs to be cut back to help stop the spread of the disease. Overgrown trees need to be cut back to protect the lives and the property of home owners.

​And sometimes a dead tree needs to be removed.

At SC Tree Removal we believe in the goal of excellent customer services and satisfaction. We will work not just to fulfil the requirements of the current job, but in the hope of a long-term relationship. Our goal is to do the job right, safely, first time, every time.

Tree Removal on the Sunshine Coast


Tree Removal Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast tree removal

Sometimes we forget that trees can get sick and die. They seem so solid and strong that we forget that they too, like all living things, die.
When a tree dies, it needs to be removed. When alive, a tree can provide great shade and protection to you and your family, but when the tree has died, those same branches your kids enjoyed climbing can easily become dangerous, and that same tree that you sat under to escape the heat of the day, can become hazardous to you and your family.
The roots of dead trees may not be able to fully support the weight of the tree above it, and can topple over and fall and crush anything in its way, which includes you, your family and your property. Those large branches now become potential missiles during large storms.
And trees don’t have to be dead to be dangerous. Like us, trees can become diseased and sick, and perhaps can no longer fully support its own weight. A sick and diseases tree can be just as dangerous as a dead tree, which is why it should be removed before it can cause damage to you and your family.
If you have a dead, sick, diseased, or damaged tree and need your tree removed, call us.

Whatever it’s size, we will remove it. Don’t wait until it falls over in the next big storm. Chose the safer option and have it removed by us.

If you also require the stump to be removed, please indicate that also when you call or use the instant free quote form.

Tree Lopping/Topping Sunshine Coast

tree lopping Sunshine Coast

Lopping may be drastic, but it might be required. Disease might have taken control of your tree, pests and insects might have taken hold, and the tree is struggling to grow as an effect; or perhaps certain parts of your tree might not be getting enough sunlight to thrive while other parts hog it all; or other plants and areas of your yard might be struggling because of the size of the bigger tree.

Whatever the reason, call us to have your tree lopped. Done wrong, lopping can be dangerous for both you and the subject.

So, call us, and our contractors will advise you as to whether lopping is required, and if so, will safely perform the task for you.

Tree Pruning and Trimming Sunshine Coast

tree pruning Sunshine Coast

Pruning removes diseased and infected branches that can be stifling the growth of your tree. Pruning can also keep it from shedding leaves and branches into your gutters or interfering with overhead electrical lines.  

Trimming keeps your tree looking healthy and strong, and can improve the look of your yard and increase property value. Trimming  can also protect your property by removing branches that could be dangerous come storm season.

As both pruning and trimming  can cause problems when done incorrectly, you need to call people who know and love trees and understand the consequences of each and every action.

Call us for a free quote, or fill in the free quote form and one of our friendly staff will call you as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding and Removal Sunshine Coast

stump removal Sunshine Coast

When tree stumps are left behind they can become health hazards, particularly around children or at night.

Stumps can also grow things like fungi, which, if eaten, can be dangerous to pets and small children.

So, the question becomes, should you grind the stump down to the ground, leaving the roots behind to decay, or remove the stump and roots altogether.

Call us and avail yourselves of our stump grinding and removal services, and we will advise you on the best options for your individual situation.

There are a lot of Tree Removal companies out there servicing the Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas. We know what you want from your tree removal company are people that are not only highly-skilled, experienced and completely professional, but also fast, reliable, friendly and trust-worthy.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers. We wish to be your Tree Removal Sunshine Coast company not just for the current job, but far into the future as well, and this can only happen if we prove ourselves to be the skilled, reliable, trust-worthy company we know we are. 

​Give us a call today and ask for your free quote. 

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

When Should I Get My Tree Removed?

Within the Sunshine Coast Council jurisdiction, in most cases, you will first need council approval to remove trees. Certain vegetation on private land is protected from being cleared. You should view the Sunshine Coast Council site if you wish to know more.

Dead trees, however, do not fall under the title of ‘protected vegetation’ so can be removed without a permit.

So, how do you tell if your tree is dead?

Perform a scratch test. Use a knife or a fingernail to remove a small piece of bark. You want to look at the layer below the bark, at what is known as the ‘cambium’ layer. If this layer looks green and moist, your tree is still doing ok. If it is brown and dry, it is likely dead.

With this scratch test, don’t remove too much bark or dig in too deep. You don’t want to create too large a wound that the tree, if still alive, will struggle to heal. Also, while you can also test branches in the same way, a dead branch doesn’t mean the whole organism is dead, so it is best to try the test on the trunk.

Other clues to tell you that your tree might be dying:

  • Check the base of the trunk. If there is fungus growing down there, that could be an initial sign that there is something wrong.
  • Have a good hard look at the trunk.  Look for chipped or peeling bark, or vertical cracks. Severe damage indicates bad health. Old trees lose bark, but healthy bark should grow and replace it. If there are large patches of barkless trunk, this is another indication of something being wrong.
  • Dead or hanging branches in the upper crown of the tree.
  • How far is it leaning to one side? This might be because the roots have become damaged and are unable to support all of the weight bearing down from above.
  • You might also find shoots at the base of the trunk, which could be another indication the root structure is weak.

If you notice any of these problems, then it is definitely time to call us in. We will check you tree and if it is indeed dead, we will remove it.

One further note about removals and permits. A very good reason for wanting to remove a tree is because it is dangerous to your property, your family or the people of the community. If you can show some evidence that any of your trees may pose a threat to your property, family or community, this will help you get approval to remove it from the council.

What is Tree Lopping and How Does It Differ To Trimming/Pruning?

Both these methods relate to how the tree is to be cut back. Tree lopping is a far more drastic procedure, and relates to cutting branches back to stubs, eradicating branches that are not essential to the growth of the whole, or cutting off its top. 

Loppings are done for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are aesthetical i.e. the tree has grown too large and obstructs a homeowner’s view, and sometimes it is done to reduce hazards, like eliminating branches that could become dangerous objects if blown down during storms. 

Loppings can be dangerous, both to the person performing the operation and to the tree itself. A lopping done wrong can cause irreversible damage to trees and should be done as few times as possible.

Lopping also requires far more dangerous equipment, and should really be undertaken by professionals who both know how to use the equipment and can ensure the health of the tree, as well.

Trimming and Pruning are far more delicate operations, and are often done to ensure the subject remains beautiful, healthy and yields great quality fruits and flowers. Both trimming and tree pruning need to be undertaken by people who understand who every cut can effect future growth. 

Pruning usually involves removing infected, diseased or overgrown branches to ensure the health of the entire tree is improved, while Trimming, as the name might imply, involves trimming back the tree to promote a clean look, more organised and aesthetically pleasing look 

Whatever service your require, we will be able to help you make the right decisions.

What is the Difference Between Stump Grinding and Stump Removal?

We also offer a stump grinding service and a stump removal service. Because removing a stump is a difficult and time-intensive feat on its own, it is included as its own service, separate to any other. 

Put simply, Stump Grinding uses a machine called a stump grinder. This machine grinds the stump to below the ground level, leaving behind fine sawdust. The root system, however, still remains in the ground.

A Stump Removal, as the name might suggest, removes the entirety of the stump, roots and all.

Should I Have My Stump Ground Down or Removed?

As you can probably guess, the answer is ‘it depends’. If you are unsure of whether the stump should be ground down or removed, please ask us, and we will advise you.

Stump Removals are more difficult to perform, takes more time, requires more equipment and is more costly than Stump Grindings.

Stump Grindings, though, are a far easier exercise. Following a stump grinding, you are not left with a massive hole that you would then have to fill up, as you would with a Stump Removal. However, since the root system remains intact, there is a chance of sprout regrowth from the root, as the root is left to decay.

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